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Cornicabra Reserve 2023 Robust (Portugal)

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Size: 60ml
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Regular price $9.00
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The Cornicabra Reserve is highly aromatic and contains developed layers of flavor with distinctive fruity characteristics and notes of apricot, peach and strawberry plus a sophisticated floral finish. Lingering pepper. Limited batch production. High fruitiness scores.

          *Biophenols: 507.30            *FFA: 0.13

        *Oleic Acid: 71.12                    *Peroxide: 4.65

           *DAGs: 97.3                            *PPP: <0.65 

      *Squalene: 10,862.20                 *A-Tocopherols: 299.0

                        *Crush Date: October  2023

                  *As measured at the time of crush