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What is the expiration dates of your olive oils?

Consumers should use Olive Oil within 14 months from crush/ harvest date. Olive Oil benefits and quality decreases with time. It's important to remember olive oil is a perishable food–all bottled oil will go rancid eventually–but it is said when properly handled, sealed and stored in a cool dark place, olive oil will be 'good' for 18-24 months from the date it was harvested.

Our olive oils are are sourced from around the world . . . California, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Australia, Chile, Peru, South Africa and other countries. Because we get our olive oils from both the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres, our selection changes every six months. This allows us to deliver to you the freshest olive oils available. Storing your oils in a cool, dark location (protected from UV llight) will help preserve the life. Effective storage options range from stainless steel fusti's to UV protected dark glass bottle such as the one we provide.If your bottle is older than two years, consider starting with a fresh one.

What does “Extra Virgin” really mean when it comes to olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is derived from olives without the use of chemicals and heat. It is freshly pressed from the fruit of the olive tree, leaving the color, taste, vitamins and nutrients intact. The olives are crushed at room temperature, hence the term cold pressed. The oleic acid in the oil measures how good or bad the olives are prior to being cold pressed. Oleic acid is measured in grams. The limit in Europe is 0.8 grams of free oleic acid per 100 grams. Virgin olive oil will be below 2 grams per 100.

However, EVOO decreases in flavor and health benefits over time. Freshly crushed olive oil is like freshly squeezed fruit juice as it contains the most flavor and nutrients. Old, poorly made and improperly stored extra virgin olive oil yields few, if any, health benefits and less desirable flavor.

What is Ultra-Premium Standard certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Ultra-Premium Standard certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a new category of olive oil that distinguishes the highest quality olive oil in the world! They deliver the highest levels of beneficial antioxidants. The UP standard has principal barometers Chemistry and Freshness. These two underappreciated variables can be objectively measured, quantified, and certified. Since the highest quality EVOO comes from high quality fruit coupled with high quality production processes, the UP standard encompasses strict requirements for both the end-product and the production process.

Are Branch and Vine’s Olive Oils Kosher?

Yes - Our EVOO's and our Custom blend Oils are certified - Kosher [Pareve]

Are Branch and Vines Olive Oils Dairy Free & Gluten Free?

Yes - All our Olive Oils are gluten free and dairy free; including our Garlic Butter and Butter olive oils. The butter flavor is derived from a plant based natural essential oil. Proprietary blend of botanical herbs.

How do I protect the shelf life of balsamic vinegar?

Branch & Vines's dark and white balsamic vinegar are all natural. There are no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Storing your balsamic vinegar in a cool, dark location (protected from UV llight) will help preserve the life. Effectively storing your balsamics may range from the use of a stainless steel fusti to a UV protected dark glass bottle such as the one we provide.
We recommend 5 years. The acidity in the vinegar acts as a natural preservative. We suggest to use within 5 years to obtain the best flavor profile. Vinegars do not really expire they simply becomes more acidic causing a change of appearance and flavor.

Is there added sugar to your balsamic vinegars?

No - the sugar found in the balsamic vinegars are natural sugars from the fruit/ plant / ingredient. We do no not add any artificial colors, artificial flavors, ingredients, or preservatives to our products. Products are all natural.

Does your Espresso Balsamic Vinegar contain caffeine?

No, there is not caffeine in the product, flavoring comes from botanical essential oils.

How does balsamic vinegar lower the risk of some cancers?

The grapes from which balsamic vinegar is formed is known to contain a bioflavonoid called quercetin, which has antioxidant properties. Along with vitamin C, this antioxidant strengthens the immune system to fight cancer and other infectious diseases and inflammations. Balsamic vinegar also contains polyphenols which are anticancer agents.

Are your Balsamic Vinegars Dairy Free, Vegan & Gluten Free?"

Yes. All our balsamic vinegars are gluten free, dairy free and vegan.