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What Makes Our EVOO's Different From the Rest?  

They are Ultra Premium Standard certified, which are the highest standards in the world!

How do we know? Every one of our U. P. extra virgin olive oils are tested for chemstry at the time of crushing. We are proud of the freshness and quality and want you to know. That’s why this information is displayed on the front of each of our fustis in the stores. 

We will give you the information of chemical levels online for each UP EVOO available. When you buy oil from us, you know you are getting fresh, Ultra Premium extra virgin olive oil that deliver high levels of beneficial antioxidants! If you buy oil elsewhere, and they can’t tell you the chemical levels, it’s because they don’t test theirs and therefore, cannot prove the quality and freshness.
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Learn More About Our Quality Olive Oil

Branch & Vine’s 100% UP EVOOs are sourced from around the world . . . California, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Australia, Chile, Peru, South Africa and other countries. Because we get our olive oils from both the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres, our selection changes every six months. This allows us to deliver to you the freshest olive oils available. Each of our EVOOs has aroma and flavor characteristics that vary depending on the country of origin, soil conditions, rainfall, climate and the variety of olive.  

Extra virgin olive oil is freshly pressed from the fruit of the olive tree, leaving the color, taste, vitamins and nutrients intact. However, EVOO decreases in flavor and health benefits over time. Freshly crushed olive oil is like freshly squeezed fruit juice as it contains the most flavor and nutrients. Old, poorly made and improperly stored extra virgin olive oil yields few, if any, health benefits and less desirable flavor. 

Becoming intimately familiar with a particular extra virgin olive oil's flavor, characteristics and chemistry (i.e. antioxidant content, Oleic acid, FFA and crush date) will help you make an educated decision about which olive oil is right for you.

You don’t have to be an expert; you can definitely taste the difference!

We also want you to know that our flavored olive oils are made with fresh UP EVOOs so you are getting the same quality, freshness and health benefits as with the EVOOs!

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