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Cooking with Olive Oil

Olive Oil Offers Many Functions in Cooking

Use olive oil to harmonize spices, enhance and build flavors, and add body and depth. The addition of olive oil balances the acidity in high-acid foods, such as tomatoes, vinegar, wine, and lemon juice. Treat your olive oil like wine, carefully pairing their tastes with the flavors of the other ingredients in the dishes you are creating.  Check out our recipes for meals made with olive oil.

Branch & Vine offers the best quality olive oils and many specialty oils that cannot be found anywhere else! Use our ultra premium certified olive oils to enhance your cooking so you can create dishes that are extraordinary.Check out these helpful links to learn more about cooking with olive oil:
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Use and Enjoy Your B & V Olive Oil in Many Ways!

  • Drizzle it over salad or into salad dressing or vinaigrette.
  • Use in marinades for meat, fish, poultry and vegetables. Olive oil penetrates nicely into the first few layers of the food being marinated.
  • Add at the end of cooking for a burst of flavor.
  • Sauté or fry with it.
  • Drizzle over cooked pasta, meat or vegetables.
  • Use instead of butter or margarine as a healthy dip for bread. Pour a little olive oil into a small side dish and add a few splashes of balsamic vinegar, which will pool in the middle and look very attractive. Pair with one of our bread dipping spice mixes.
  • Replace butter with olive oil in mashed potatoes or in baked potatoes. For the ultimate mashed potatoes, whip together cooked potatoes, roasted garlic, and olive oil; season to taste.
  • Use in sauces - whisking will help emulsify or blend ingredients.
  • Brush on meat before grilling or broiling to seal in the meat flavor and juices, and create a crispy exterior.
  • Add to eggs.
  • Add to rice for great flavor.
  • Bake with it! Choose a mild or flavored olive oil for baking, especially savory breads and sweets such as cakes, cookies and other desserts. Substituting olive oil for butter dramatically reduces the amount of fat - especially saturated fat and cholesterol. You'll get 25 percent less fat, fewer calories, and more heart-healthy nutrients. (Check our butter to olive conversion chart in the recipe section).Top your ice cream with Blood Orange, Persian Lime or Lemon Olive Oils. Incredibly good! Check out our recipe section!

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